• Case Management Services are the driver to all other field Reimbursement activities
  • Every un‐appealed DENIAL is a precedent for future denials
  • Case Management Services provide a national snap‐shot of how Payors are responding

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The CPT Category III code 0200T is the appropriate way to report sacroplasty.  If you’re concerned with payment, you may want to contact NASS for a position statement on Sacroplasty.  If favorable, any payor (including Medicare) would be hard pressed to maintain a denial.  ~MMC

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Opening Remarks/Welcome

  • Maren Anderson, President MDA Consulting
  • Mary Corkins, President, The Reimbursement Group
  • Stuart Langbein, Partner, Hogan & Lovells
  • Thomas Novelli, President, MDMA
  • Winifred Hayes, Founder, The Hayes Group

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN , August 12, 2008

Minnesota Medical Development, Inc. (MMDI) today announced that the Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services (CMS) have agreed to create seven new ICD-9-CM reimbursement procedure codes for its new Rebound HRD (Hernia Repair Device).
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Gary Cleary learned an important lesson as founder of a former company that he definitely won’t repeat in his current role as president and chief technology officer at Corium International Inc.Promising technology and even approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aren’t enough to assure success for medical device businesses.  They need to make sure the folks who pay the bills are on board, too.

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Strategic Planning for Medical Device Reimbursement Coding, Coverage and Payment

Best Practices: Integrating Reimbursement into the Start-Up Corporate Strategy


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The Maximizing Medical Device Customer Support Operations Conference, organized by the Q1 Productions will take place from 28th April to the 29th April 2014 in Chicago, USA.

The conference will cover areas like:

  • The Device Industry Is At The Cusp
  • A Promising Customer Experience Phenomenon
  • Uncovering Leading Service Strategies

Attendees Will Discover Unique Aspects And Best Practices That Can Be Directly Implemented Within An Organization Creating A Positive Competitive Advantage In Today’s Marketplace.

Some prominent speakers include Reg Stump, Stuart Magloff, Brian J. Bruner, Sandra Price, Deborah Dexter, Frank Faria, Amanda Forbes, Linda Newman, Jason Mercer-Pottinger, Cynthia Lenahan, Rose Mary Moegling, Jeff Olson, Ross Brewer, Michael Haas, Colleen Cusick, Mary Lucnik, Harel Deutsch, Allen Passerallo, Nicole Liffrig Molife, Mary Corkins.

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